The Story of Grass #4

Image of The Story of Grass #4

£3.00 - On Sale

We made it to issue #4. This one features:

Less pages!
Less writing!
More colour!
More Widdicombe!
A rabbit!
No ducks!
And the same old quote from Bob Mortimer on the cover!

It's arty and funny and weird and it will make you taller, if that's what you'd like.

24 photocopied pages, incl. 8 in colour and probably 3 funny ones.

‘I liked The Story of Grass. I laughed until I stopped then started up again more firmly.’ - Bob Mortimer

'Thank you for The Story of Grass. It was really funny and looked great.' - Adam Buxton

'Wonderfully surreal and darkly comic' - Silent Words Speak Loudest